Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering and reflecting

It's been so long since I post but my oldest has started school and I'm hoping to have time now. Summer went by so quick and now we find ourselves on the 10th anniversary of that awful day.
Ten years ago this moment I was sitting at my job trying to get in touch with my best friend. My best friend who I had walked thru the doors of kindergarten some 20 plus years before. No phone lines were working. She wasn't answering. Her parents hadn't heard from her. Time dragged by. Finally I was able to find out she was okay. She was walking from manhattan to Brooklyn even though she lived in NJ.
I had just found out days before that after finally getting pregnant after fertility treatment, the baby I was carrying, lost it's heartbeat. That night while fighter jets flew overhead and the smoke came thru put windows from across the bay It also dawned on me, we will be going to war. And my husband would be deployed.
10 years have passed since that beautiful September morning.

And I will never forget.....

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