Monday, May 2, 2011


Today has brought back so many memories. Memories of a beautiful, sunny September day almost 10 years ago. Last night we brought the kids to one of the playgrounds here in town. At the park is a memorial for victims of September 11th. My county lost the most people in the World Trade of all of NJ. Traces of smoke came across the bay into our bedroom windows in the days following the tragedy. It was so ironic we picked that park last night, just hours before our President announced that the mastermind behind those attacks had been killed.

The victims have been on my mind all day. I hope the families get some peace from this.

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  1. If anything can come out of all of this, it is hope for a tiny bit of closure or peace for those that lost people in 9/11 and also those that have lost military members in the ensuing war on terror. I do not think the world is any closer to peace, however.