Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I have learned the past week.

I really don't have 500 friends?!? Last week, after much thought I decided to take a Facebook break. Some family tension was the main reason but I was growing weary of the negativity and political bickering back and forth. I was sure after 24 hours I would be back. But instead of feeling like I was missing out on something, I am feeling so much lighter, so much happier. Interestingly enough, of all those friends I have on Facebook, ya know, my best friend from 2nd grade, the girl I sat next to in 10th grade science, My cousin's cousin...yeah all of those "friends"! Well, anyway, out of all of those people I have only heard from maybe 10 of them since then.

I recently referred to this as "fake friendship" It's easy for them to leave a comment or "like" a photo but the ones that really matter are the ones that pick up the phone to check on you.

Will I go back to Facebook? Oh, Im sure I will. Im just happy I did this. It really put things in perspective for me and now I know how many "friends" I have and I am quite happy about it.


  1. i've never been a facebooker. but i've been very happy with my year of blogging with some of the down-to-earth folks i've 'met' here.

  2. I deactivated my account over the weekend! To my relief! I feel much better! Hope your week is going great!

    XO Shar

  3. Gosh. I used to be an FB addict until I started blogging again.

    I still maintain my account -- and miss "talking" with some of my old friends on there, but I rarely go on there any more.

    I spend way too much time with my photography and blogging as it is...

  4. I Facebook a lot, but its always been a rule for me that I am not on there to "collect friends." So I stick to my few friends who I know are really interested in what I'm doing, and then I weed the ones that don't on occasion too!